IEE project FABbiogas

BIOGAS production from organic waste in the European Food And Beverage (FAB) industry

The European Food and Beverage Industry  (FAB industry) is the second largest manufacturing sector in the EU 27 with a market share of 12.2% in value added terms. This sector generates a turnover of € 917 billion (14,5% of total manufacturing turnover) and employs 4.5 million workers (European Commission, 2009).

 The amount of residues generated in the manufacturing sector (FAB industry) is 5% of total food production (EUROSTAT 2006).

 The ongoing debate related to the Europe 2020 strategy about the availability of sustainable bio-energy resources and the food-or-fuel discussion have revealed

 the urgency of using untapped waste streams to produce energy. Anaerobic digestion of industrial waste provides a promising alternative to standard waste treatment. The motivation behind the project is to further expand supplies and trigger increases in the demand for biogas/bio-methane (CHP units, transport, grid injection) from the organic fraction of Food and Beverage (FAB) industry wastes.

 The EU project FABbiogas (Intelligent Energy Europe) project aspires to change the mindsets of all stakeholders in the waste-to-energy chain by promoting residues from FAB industry as a new and renewable energy source for biogas production. Project outputs will support the diversification of energy sources within FAB companies, leading to wide-spread valorization and efficient integration of FAB residues into energy systems and boosting the realization of a growing number of biogas projects in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

  •  Awareness raising events targeting all involved stakeholders will illustrate the high energy potential of FAB waste resulting in increased renewable energy production of 35,000 toe/a and hence, 183,000 t CO2/a saved.
  • Maps depicting existing waste biogas plants and FAB waste streams, including 12 – 18 best practice examples and recommendations how to overcome barrier leading to an expected impact of comprehensive waste stream mobilization from FAB branches.
  •  12 – 18 preliminary feasibility studies will prepare the ground for future projects on implementing the use of FAB waste for sustainable bio-energy production and trigger investments of 7.5 million euros.
  • The establishment of national advisory services on using FAB waste for biogas production will implement extensive biogas expertise in FAB associations becoming sustainable contact points for industry requests about integrating the renewable bio-energy resource FAB waste.
  •  Information compendium (handbook, DVD, IT-tool) for a future standard on efficient use of FAB waste. FABbiogas results comprise the set of tools and guidelines needed for creating a European reference standard on industrial FAB waste usage for bio-energy generation.

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