Most Promising Branches in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • D6.2 atres FABbiogas project report Most promising branches final 2015-11-16.pdfThe European Food and Beverage (FAB) industry offers a wide range of organic, microbial degradable feedstock for producing biogas by means of anaerobic digestion (AD). Basically spoken, any organic material - solid, pastry or liquid - is able to be converted into biogas by microorganisms. The technologies and techniques for anaerobic digestion are state of the art and several installations are operated all over Europe. The project consortium of FABbiogas collected and validated its national data on biogas plants already installed and being operated, on feedstock available for AD purposes and on production sites of FAB industry. By sorting and validating the bulk of information most feasible branches for implementing AD installations shall be found and focused on in preparing the preliminary feasibilities. This report depicts the potential of AD in the consortium´s countries, not only by amount but also by branches, preferably. Besides statistics, facts and figures this report gives further information on defining potential sites for AD installations.


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