FABbiogas Spreewald Konserven Golßen

The company Spreewald Konserven Golßen is a medium-sized family company with 170 fix employees and 200 to 250 seasonal workers. They conserve around 60 000 tons of raw material like apples, cucumbers, red cabbage and similar in tins. During the production processes of the company Spreewald Konserven Golßen, organically highly contaminated waste water is produced. This waste water is processed in a waste water treatment plant where biogas is also produced. The biogas is burned in a CHP unit and the heat is used in the production process.

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FABbiogas Großfurtner

The company Großfurtner exists since 1972. It is one of Austria’s biggest slaughter houses for pig and cattle. Our raw material is delivered from the surroundings within 50 km. This is very important for us because we emphasize meat quality. As our advertisement slogan says, we are “dedicated to good quality”.  Since 2003 we operate our own biogas plant in St. Martin. The most important reasons were the necessity to provide our own energy and heat from waste materials in a long-term sustainable process, to save costs for waste disposal and to reduce transportation. In 2006 we received the Energy Award in the category air pollution control for our efforts.

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FABbiogas Cerna Hora

The brewery Černé Hora belongs to the Lobkowicz Brewery Group. The Lobkowicz Breweries produce in total about 900 000 hl/a of beer. We have small and middle sized breweries in the group, so we produce really classical and traditional high quality Czech beers.

The motivation for the implementation of biogas technology was mainly the ecological and (environmental) reasons. This makes us to one of the most efficient breweries in Czech Republic.

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FABbiogas ARA Pustertal AG

The ARA Pustertal AG is a company representing 28 municipals of the area Pustertal in Southern Tyrol, Italy. In five waste water treatment plants, we purify the whole waste water of the area Pustertal. Additionally, we built plants to dry and burn sewage sludge. Half of the total sewage sludge in Southern Tyrol is treated in our plants. There are two main advantages of a biogas plant using food wastes. Not only the produced waste water amounts and the solid wastes can be treated in your own company. Additionally, you are independent from public energy supply because you provide yourself with electricity from your own waste products.

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